Municipal App

Your Town at your Fingertips.

Your Municipality. Your App.

Mobile is the preference for information seekers everywhere, so with the goal of enhancing communication between residents and municipalities, we have developed an awesome new municipal app for towns, cities, villages and counties for both iOS and Android.


Quick and Convenient

Your town's mobile app will be free to download from the App Store and Google Play.

A quick download of your branded municipal app will provide residents with a quick and convenient tool to set garbage reminders, check on events around town, report problems, and more.


Easy Management for Administrators

All content will be entered into Loop CMS, allowing administrators to easily manage both the website and the app in one place, with one familiar interface.


  • Push notifications - Keep users up-to-date on important local events or announcements. Immediately inform residents in a local emergency (like a fire or flood)
  • News - News and blogposts will be featured on the main dashboard of the app. 
  • Events - Users will be able to easily browse local events.
  • Business Directory - Users will be able to search and filter through all of the businesses in your municipality.
  • Trail Maps  - Users will be able to view a list and map of trails in the community, as well as trailheads and points of interest.
  • Waste Collection - Set your garbage zones and residents can set pick-up reminders.
  • Report a Problem - Users who spot a problem in your municipality can send a message and picture straight to the appropriate department. 

Having any of these features active means they will automatically display on both your website and app, so you will only have to publish the content once!