Built for municipalities, just like yours

Loop's features are uniquely designed for the online needs of modern municipalities.

Off-the-Shelf Features for Municipal Websites

Loop websites are loaded with powerful, user-friendly features that simplify communication with your community. 


Report a Problem

This module will give residents an avenue to inform municipalities of issues in their community. Municipalities using this tool will be able to receive, assign, and monitor issues with ease.

  • Track issue progress
  • Add updates to issues as new information becomes available.
  • Notify relevant staff when an issue requires their attention
  • Gather reports to review issues based on date, department and status.

Integrated features for faster communication

Loop's integrated features speed up communication to your community. Administrators can publish content on websites and your mobile app in seconds. 

Emergency Notices

Publish notices instantly to websites, social media and your mobile app. Perfect for timely, consistent messaging from your team.

Social Media Integration

Schedule and share content from your websites directly to your social media platforms without leaving the Loop system. 

News & Events

Share news posts and events to your website and mobile app with a click. 


Superior Design

Loop websites are responsive, accessible, and have a modern look and interface that residents will want to use.